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Advisor Best Practices Workshop

Suggested for:

  • Advisors using emX or emXPro

In this workshop, we will cover:

  • How to Position eMoney
  • Presenting with eMoney
  • Introducing eMoney to a New Client
  • Client Worries & Objections
  • Interactive Planning Tools
  • How to Set Yourself Apart Using eMoney

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Date Location Register
May24 Radnor, PA Register
Jun2 Charlotte, NC Register
Jun9 La Jolla, CA Register
Jun16 Denver, CO Register
Jun23 Radnor, PA Register
Jul14 Boston, MA Register
Jul28 Chicago, IL Register

Essentials Workshop

Suggested for:

  • Support staff members who handle data entry

In this workshop, we will cover:

  • Connection Best Practices
  • Launching a Client Site
  • Data Entry Basics
  • Report Basics

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Date Location Register
May31 Charlotte, NC Register
Jun7 La Jolla, CA Register
Jun14 Denver, CO Register
Jun21 Radnor, PA Register
Jul12 Boston (Milton), MA Register
Jul26 Chicago, IL Register

Planner Essentials Workshop

Suggested for:

  • Support staff or Advisors involved in the
    Planning process

In this workshop, we will cover:

  • Sample Clients
  • Fact Finder
  • Reports
  • Advanced Planning Tool
  • Goal Planner
  • Decision Center
  • Distribution Center
  • Building Presentations

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Date Location Register
May23 Radnor, PA Register
Jun1 Charlotte, NC Register
Jun8 La Jolla, CA Register
Jun15 Denver, CO Register
Jun22 Radnor, PA Register
Jul13 Boston (Milton), MA Register
Jul27 Chicago, IL Register


Attend a Live Training Webcast without leaving the comfort of your office! If you have difficulty, please call 1-888-362-8482.

Coaching Sessions

Every Tuesday at 2pm (EST)

Ready to master the fundamentals of eMoney? In this WebEx series, we'll highlight key features of the system and best practices that will help you build the skills you'll need to get started with eMoney.

eMoney Master Series

Every Wednesday at 2pm (EST)

Feel like you've tackled the basics of eMoney? Tune into our Weekly Wednesday Webexes where we'll dig deeper into facets of the system that you are already familiar with.

Previously Recorded Webcasts


Browse an archive of previously recorded webcasts and watch them anytime, anywhere.

Date Topic Audience Register

Prospecting with emX

In this session, we will take a look at how to showcase the system from a perspective to attract your new clients!
Inexperienced Register

Stay Proactive & Organized Using eMoney

From note taking to communicating, eMoney has a multitude of CRM tools to help you monitor your clients' activity behind the scenes.
Experienced & Inexperienced Register

Interactive Tools in Client Meetings

Let’s take a look at best practices for using the interactive tools when meeting with existing & prospective clients.
Inexperienced Register

Culprits of the Queue

Join us as we diagnose the most frequently asked questions our customer service reps hear and the solutions to prevent the need for a call in the future.
Experienced & Inexperienced Register

emX Proactive Features

Today we will uncover some of the often overlooked features in emX that can help you stay ahead of the curve!
Inexperienced Register

Connection Perfection

Don’t let those pesky error messages drive you crazy! Join us as we take a look at the most commonly seen issues in the connections console and how to properly diagnose them.
Experienced & Inexperienced Register

eMoney Overview

eMoney has many tools available to your firm for different purposes. Join us as we walk through where to find everything!
Inexperienced Register

Introducing Your Clients to Connections

Connections are an important piece of the financial planning process and a great insight into your client's held away accounts! Learn how to communicate the benefits of connections to your client like a pro to get them started on the right foot with their client website.
Experienced & Inexperienced Register

Meet the eMoney Team

In this session, we will discuss all the support and training resources available to you as an eMoney subscriber.
Inexperienced Register

Technical Difficulty?

Join us as we address a few common tech issues and the troubleshooting tips and best practices to avoid them.
Experienced & Inexperienced Register

All About Connections

Join us as we break down how to establish both Advisor and Client connections along with best practices managing them going forward.
Inexperienced Register

The eMoney Masters Series Presents... Product Development Feedback Session

Join us for an exclusive preview of some things we’ve been working on. This session will feature members of the eMoney Product Development Team as they show-off some new ideas and products you may see in the future. We will also be asking for your direct feedback. We want to know what you think and how we can make our ideas even better. This session is an exclusive live event and WILL NOT BE RECORDED. So please tune in if you would like to see what we have in store. **LIVE ONLY. SESSION WILL NOT BE RECORDED**
Experienced & Inexperienced Register

Integration Efficiencies

Join us as we walk through some of eMoney’s most popular integration features.
Inexperienced Register

What is the Client Site?

Join us as we overview the Client Experience! In this introductory session we will preview a client website and discuss the many reasons your clients could benefit from use.
Inexperienced Register

Client site: Setup & Onboarding

This session will guide you through how to create the client website and take a look at our new interactive onboarding.
Inexperienced Register

Client site: Features Breakdown

Join us for an in-depth look at each available feature of our customizable client portal.
Inexperienced Register

Client site: Best Practices & Engagement

Mastering the client site takes some time! In this session we will discuss client site best practices to help increase client usage. We will also outline strategies to re-engage your clients.
Inexperienced Register

Planning Tools Uncovered

Join us as we overview the key features of each tool within eMoney's planning suite.
Inexperienced Register

Planning Foundations

Join us as we walk through best practices of entering client data and fact checking with key reports.
Inexperienced Register

Introductory planning tools

Take a look at some tools we have available for simpler planning needs. Our goal planner focuses on your clients’ major expenses in a sleek & simple format. Needs Analysis allows you to quickly determine if a client has a gap in a particular financial area.
Inexperienced Register

eMoney Cash Flow 101

This session will take a deep dive into how our simulation works, what facts are essential for your output needs, and a breakdown of our backbone report – the cash flow.
Inexperienced Register

Advanced Planning Scenarios

In this session we will demonstrate how to use Advanced Planning effectively by walking you through the steps of how to build custom scenarios.
Inexperienced Register

Decision and Distribution center

Our first interactive planning tools have had a major impact on how we do financial planning. This session will introduce the tools from a new user perspective.
Inexperienced Register

Planning Reports & Deliverables

This session highlights some of our most popular planning reports and how to compose your own custom deliverable that can be saved as a global template.
Inexperienced Register

Note: If you're interested in live training but do not have emX, please email

Custom Training

Not seeing something that fits your needs? Click Design Your Program to create your custom in-person training.

This approach is recommended for long-time eMoney users looking for in-depth training topics, new users looking to get their office up to speed, and anyone not on emX.

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