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October 19 - 21 Discover new ways to transform your business models, deliver value, and generate more successful outcomes for your clients at the seventh annual eMoney Summit from October 19 to 21.

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Brunch & Budget Drives Revenue by Serving NextGen Clients with eMoney

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revenue increase in one year

Pamela Capalad, Founder of Brunch & Budget was looking for a collaborative technology solution to serve a diverse set of clients. eMoney provided the full spectrum of planning needs her firm required.


Capalad needed a wealth management platform that could handle simple budgeting and cash flow as well as manage complex financial data to support advanced planning needs. She was looking for a solution to increase client engagement — one that empowered her clients to take a hands-on role in their finances by helping them see their complete financial situation.


Brunch & Budget uses eMoney to offer two service models — one suited for the “do-it-yourself” clients and the second for more comprehensive planning.


With eMoney at the core of their service, Brunch & Budget has increased revenue by 120% in just one year.

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“Initially I thought eMoney was only for the wealthy and wouldn’t necessarily work for all my clients. But I found that eMoney is the only platform that can really handle the diverse needs—from complex estate planning issues to simple budgeting and cash flow—of the clients I work with. eMoney helps clients understand where their money is going. ”
Image of Pamela Capalad Pamela Capalad Founder, Brunch & Budget