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eBook: Planning for the Investor of the Future


Generations with unique planning expectations


Wealth transfer may not happen


of GenX women make financial decisions

Planning for the Investor of the Future: Generational Shifts Require a Holistic Approach

Future Investors Matter Now

As Baby Boomers retire and draw down assets, the following generation of clients matter more than ever—and they're bringing with them enormous change for the industry. These clients have a new set of values, which requires a whole new approach to advice.

The Role of the Financial Professional Is Changing

The financial professional of the future's role now includes acting as a life coach, tasked with providing a planning strategy that maps closely with a client's personal values, the sources of advice that they trust, and their preferred platforms and technologies for receiving this advice.

Meeting Clients on Their Terms with Technology

Technology will drive the advisor of the future's ability to deliver holistic, values-based advice. The right tools will help financial professionals incorporate new forms of advice delivery, from the gamification of planning to mobile-centric and episodic advice, while making financial planning both broadly applicable and profitable.