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Sullivan Bruyette Speros & Blayney Improves Efficiency with eMoney

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client retention


AUM growth in 2018

Martine Lellis, COO at SBSB, was looking for a wealth management partner to help the firm increase efficiency and develop new avenues for growth.


Lellis needed a technology platform that would help advisors produce financial plans more efficiently, improve and automate the onboarding process for clients, and help fuel the firm’s goals for growth.


With eMoney, SBSB’s aggregation system automatically updates account balances and holdings every day. The client data feeds directly into financial plans without manual entry, quickly and easily providing a more accurate picture of a client’s finances.


By architecting their planning process around eMoney, SBSB has been able to dramatically streamline and automate the planning process and increase productivity of its advisors and associates. The firm is now able to focus on new areas of growth including extending the Client Portal to executive-level 401(k) accounts.

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“eMoney is a key solution for us because we’re very planning-focused, and we’re very consultative in our process. It’s an important part of how we deliver our services. eMoney is the cornerstone of our wealth management offering and our growth strategy. ”
Image of Martine Lellis Martine Lellis CPA®, CFP®, COO, Sullivan Bruyette Speros & Blayney