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Boost your bottom line and overall business performance with a leading-edge client experience and powerful analytics.

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Experiences that Stick

With eMoney's industry-leading client portal, you'll delight clients with a digital financial experience they'll want to come back to. Position yourself at the center of your relationships with a solutions designed to provide clients live and on-demand access to their complete financial picture.

Dive Deep Into Your Data

Place your data right at your fingertips to gauge the financial health of your clients and evaluate the performance of your business. Our Analytics tools give you a customizable and consolidated look at these insights so you can make informed decisions to advance your success.

The Right Amount of Automation

Aggregation automatically updates client accounts, both managed and held away, helping you streamline the data gathering process, reduce data-entry errors, and work with the best information. As aggregated accounts refresh each day, you'll deliver your best service using the most up-to-date client data available.

emX Select includes additional features such as:

  • Deep Integrations
  • Digital Advice Platform
  • Mobile Web-access for Clients
  • Unlimited Document Storage
  • Screen Sharing
  • And more!

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We work with you to customize and configure our tech to meet your unique needs.

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We can help you input and maintain your client data and cases - so you can focus on what you do best.