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eMoney Advisor Announces Launch of Incentive, A Financial Planning and Wellness Mobile App

  • The application, formerly known as Project Avocado, offers self-led planning and budgeting and is accessible through retirement plan advisors
  • Currently in beta with six firms, Incentive is scheduled for general availability in January 2021 

RADNOR, PA. — Oct. 20, 2020  — eMoney Advisor (eMoney), a leading provider of technology solutions and services that help people talk about money, announced the launch of its new mobile app, Incentive, during the 2020 eMoney Summit. The client-led financial planning and wellness app, available for use through retirement plan advisors, is aimed at introducing basic financial planning concepts and encouraging long-term behavioral changes to help users achieve their goals in engaging and actionable ways. A scalable, value-added solution, Incentive serves as advisors’ personally branded financial wellness app – a differentiator in the market – which can be used to connect and engage with plan participants.

“Already live with our first beta clients, Incentive helps advisors introduce planning topics at scale and encourages small behavioral changes today – through increased awareness and healthier spending habits – that can add up to much larger impacts to your financial picture tomorrow.  The application of Incentive is far-reaching, and while we are focusing our initial efforts on working with advisors who manage workplace investment and wellness plans, we see it reaching much further in the future,” said eMoney Head of Product Jess Liberi, who highlighted eMoney’s product vision and roadmap during the eMoney Summit on Oct. 19.

Incentive was first introduced as Project Avocado in 2019 and has since expanded in scope and target market. After extensive research and development and an internal alpha launch, the app has been officially named Incentive based on the notion that everyone has a motivation or incentive to become financially healthy. Whether a client’s definition of financial health connects to budgeting, paying down debt, retirement or a new house, the end goal is personal and is the incentive to get started. The app’s design is simple and provides a streamlined user experience intended to motivate the user to change their financial behavior by accessing basic financial plans, spending challenges and relevant financial literacy topics. In addition, users can aggregate their accounts to gain insight into their full financial picture. They also have direct access to an advisor and can reach out at any time.

Incentive will be available for download in the App Store and Google Play, and users will receive a special access code from their retirement plan advisor or employer. To get started, users input their age and income for access to a target plan that is based on industry rules of thumb. Based on the plan that is provided, users are informed of whether they’re on or off track in five areas of planning basics: Retirement, Emergency Savings, Budget, Debt, and Insurance. If a user is off track, the app supports the user by providing actionable, clear next steps.

Six firms are currently participating in an Incentive beta program with general availability scheduled for January 2021. To learn more about Incentive, visit emoneyadvisor.com/incentive.

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