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Financial Planning Group

Helping People Talk About Money Through Financial Planning Expertise

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eMoney Financial Planning Group = Experience + Expertise

eMoney Financial Planning Group =

Experience + Expertise
12 CFP® Professionals


CFP® Professionals
5 yrs Average tenure

5 yrs

Average tenure
8 With experience as client-facing professionals


With experience as client-facing professionals

The Financial Planning Group (FPG) is a dedicated team of 12 individuals who provide expertise on client planning needs, speak the same language of advisors, and help them maximize the eMoney experience. This team works in conjunction with our Client Support team to assist with more in-depth questions regarding planning topics and techniques.

Continuing Education Program for CFP® Professionals

More than 6,000 advisors have attended our monthly webinars to earn continuing education credits from programs that have been accepted by the CFP Board. Because our programs are designed and taught by our on-staff CFP® practitioners, you can be sure that the topics will help increase your financial planning proficiency.

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Empowering the Next Generation of Financial Professionals

For our eMoney University program, we’ve partnered with 30 universities across the country to provide college students who are pursuing a financial planning degree with training on the eMoney platform as part of their curriculum. Upon completion of their training, students can receive an official certification from eMoney.

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Giving Back to Our Community

Committed to giving back to the community, we volunteered more than 240 hours at free tax filing sites to help alleviate financial anxiety and bolster economic empowerment. Read our press release for more information.


  • What types of planning capabilities does eMoney provide?

    • Cash Flow Planning: Quickly review and analyze the details of your clients’ plans for their entire lifecycle, build comprehensive planning techniques, and show your client deliverables that range from interactive overviews to in-depth discussions on topics such as tax planning and estate planning.
    • Goals-based Planning: Focus your client conversations on important life goals and compare detailed plans for achieving those goals.

    Foundational Planning provides a streamlined workflow that simplifies goal-funding conversations while Advanced Planning supports goal-focused discussions with cash flow simulations to support your advice. With eMoney, you can scale your planning conversations all from within a single platform.

  • How does eMoney handle income taxes?

    eMoney offers the choice of a flat tax rate or the IRS 1040 calculation.

    • Flat Tax: Applies to earned income, investment income, and dividends. Capital gains events are still calculated using the capital gains rates.
    • IRS 1040 Calculation: eMoney’s default option, the 1040 calculation, is selected by the majority of users.

  • What solutions does eMoney offer for taxable investments?

    eMoney provides a comprehensive and customizable menu of reports, pre-built report templates, and data gathering and client auditing deliverables. eMoney users also have the ability to create numerous planning techniques in Advanced Planning.