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The Summit agenda has been carefully curated to provide you with the perfect blend of eMoney leadership presentations, insightful keynote speakers, and practical CE learning opportunities. And new this year, we will be offering exclusive peer to peer roundtable discussions and networking opportunities. Check out the highlights below. 

eMoney is delighted to welcome members of our executive leadership team, distinguished keynote speakers, and industry thought leaders to the 2023 Summit main stage.

  • Beyond the Plan: Research and Insights: Gain exclusive insights from our latest proprietary research and learn how to keep up with changing client expectations so you can provide the personalized experience they are seeking.

  • eMoney Product Vision and Roadmap:  Hear from the eMoney Product Management team as they outline eMoney’s product vision and roadmap, where innovative planning technology and collaborative client experiences shape the future of financial planning.

  • Beyond the Plan: Evidence and Application: Learn the importance of trust for clients seeking a more personalized experience and discover practical examples from our panel of experts who can help you secure that trust through your behaviors, plans, and technology.

  • 5 Steps to Stand Out in Every Environment (Fidelity Presentation) : Join us for a conversation with Fidelity thought leaders as they discuss how advisors can build a holistic, relationship-based business to deliver across all levels of the Advice Value Stack.

Learn More About Our Keynote Speakers

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The educational breakout sessions cover a variety of relevant topics and themes and provide you with opportunities to earn CE credit. Here are some highlights and you can click below for a full list of sessions.

  • Motivating Clients to Take Action: Help move your clients to take action by learning counseling techniques and the psychology of what causes clients to fail when it comes to making positive progress.
  • Facilitating Interactive Client Meetings with Decision Center: Encourage your clients to interact with your proposed plans by learning how to use the Decision Center effectively in any client meeting.
  • Demonstrating Value to Prospects to Drive Conversions: Produce a more impactful discussion with your clients during onboarding by using features that demonstrate needs and results in more impactful discussions.
  • A Day in the Life of a Holistic Advisor: Join us for a “day in the life” of an advisor and learn to leverage your technology and provide ongoing planning at a time when clients are expecting more from their advisors.
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At this year’s Summit, attendees will choose to attend sessions from four areas of focus. These areas are based on popular, relevant, and timely user topics.

  • Addressing Consumer Concerns: Now more than ever, your clients are facing a high degree of uncertainty in the market. Explore various topics related to the causes of financial stressors and what you can do to reduce worries.
  • Leveraging Decision Center: Learn how to use the Decision Center to its full potential during client meetings and in your business workflows.
  • Using eMoney to Expand Your Business: Optimize client engagement and identify opportunities to further your client relationships. Get best practices for using eMoney with clients and how to use eMoney as a prospecting tool.
  • Delivering an Engaging Client Experience: Harness the power of eMoney to engage with your clients by creating impactful plans by leveraging the Client Portal, and get tips to fuel meaningful conversations.
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Educational breakout sessions are available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced proficiency levels. Each breakout is 55 minutes long and attendees will earn 1 CE credit per session (pending CFP CE credit approval). Attending the CFP Board of Ethics session will earn attendees 2 CE credits and 2 CE credits are also available for attending both Part 1 and Part 2 of the Beyond the Plan panel. Please note that attendees cannot get CE credit for attending the same session twice.

Addressing Consumer Concerns

Incorporating Guaranteed Income into Retirement Plans to Reduce Market Reliance (Beginner/Intermediate – 1 CFP® CE Credit

Planning for the Worst: Modeling Adverse Markets and Situations (Beginner/Intermediate – 1 CFP® CE Credit

Candid Conversations with Your Clients (All – 1 CFP® CE Credit

Ensuring Clients Are Protected with Insurance (Beginner/Intermediate – 1 CFP® CE Credit

Stress Testing Your Plan for All of Life’s What-Ifs (Beginner/Intermediate – 1 CFP® CE Credit

Motivating Clients to Take Action (All)

Leveraging Decision Center

Retirement Planning in Decision Center (Intermediate) 

Facilitating Interactive Client Meeting with Decision Center (Beginner – 1 CFP® CE Credit

Estate Planning in Decision Center (Advanced – 1 CFP® CE Credit)

Using Decision Center to Identify Planning Opportunities (Intermediate – 1 CFP® CE Credit

Using eMoney to Expand your Business

Demonstrating Value to Prospects to Drive Conversions (Beginner) 

Using APIs and Integrations to Expand Your Business (Advanced) 

Growth Through Efficiency in Your Office (Beginner) 

Leveraging eMoney to Discover implementation Opportunities (Intermediate) 

Demonstrating Tax Alpha with eMoney (Intermediate – 1 CFP® CE Credit

Delivering an Engaging Experience

Creating an Engaging Experience with the Client Portal (Beginner – 1 CFP® CE Credit)

Conducting a Client Review with eMoney (Intermediate) 

Delivering a High-Touch White-Glove Planning Experience (Advanced) 

A Day in the Life of a Holistic Advisor (All – 1 CFP® CE Credit

Additional Breakouts

Live Interactive Peer-to-Peer Roundtables 

FFP Breakout (1 CFP® CE Credit)

Scalable Portfolio Construction for High New Worth

Panel Discussion: Understanding Values and Planning with Inclusion (0.5 CFP® CE Credit)