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Frank Tropiano
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Frank Tropiano

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As Head of Client Services, Frank leads more than 200 employees dedicated to customer service, implementation, training, coaching, and client support. His previous experience as Head of Product for eMoney combined with eMoney’s award-winning customer service ensures that Frank and team can help eMoney’s users maximize their experience and understanding of the eMoney platform to drive business growth. He also serves on eMoney’s core leadership team.

Frank joined the company in 2002 and has spent his 30-year career focused on the development of financial applications, including online brokerage trading and e-commerce systems. He previously served as Regional Operating Officer and Director of eSolutions for Breakaway Solutions, Inc., an internet consulting company and application service provider. Prior to joining Breakaway, Frank held various leadership roles at Reality Online, a Reuters company, including Vice President of Reuters Web Development, Vice President of Development, Director of Content Services, Director of Data Center Operations, and Director of Macintosh Products.

Frank earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science from Drexel University in 1988.

What was the best piece of advice about money that you were given at an early age?

Pay yourself first – deduct and save a portion of each paycheck, then pay your bills. The remainder is discretionary money to spend.

What do you think is the most common misconception about financial planning?

Most people think financial planning is only for the wealthy. In reality, financial planning is for everyone, no matter your income or net worth, to help with budgeting, saving for retirement, paying for a child’s education, or planning for a special life event.

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