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Plan for any client, regardless of their financial situation, in a single platform with goals-based and cash flow-based financial planning tools.

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Advanced Planning Tool
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Create plans for all

Build straightforward plans based on goals or create comprehensive plans that solve complex planning scenarios to support any client at any stage of their financial life.

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Simplify your planning efforts

Do all your planning work in one flexible place, whether that’s delivering goals-based plans for new clients or evolving existing relationships by addressing comprehensive advanced financial planning needs.

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Deliver a superior planning experience

Keep clients engaged by giving them the ability to visualize their financial futures using in-depth, side-by-side scenarios and goal tracking tools for an elevated interactive financial planning experience that demonstrates your value. 

eMoney Premier is your single source for planning

Layer in multiple techniques to envision the potential impact decisions have on clients’ plans and act in real-time. Watch this demo to see how our solution can help you plan for the most complex situation.

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Lean on our 20+ years of experience delivering planning-led solutions to financial institutions of all sizes and take your planning business to the next level.

All products include

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  • Client Portal
  • Secure file sharing and storage
  • Spending and budgeting tools
  • Business analytics
  • Insights and data
  • Industry-leading account aggregation
  • Powerful integrations

Other Benefits

The foundation of financial planning is building relationships. With eMoney you can have more personalized conversations that increase trust and drives business growth.

  • Provide clients with their own client portal that displays their unique plans and goals
  • Deliver custom reports the drive individualized conversations to the client needs
  • The majority of eMoney clients report having more valuable personalized conversations since using eMoney

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Account aggregation allows financial professionals to save time, reduce errors, and improve their client experience by ensuring a more complete and accurate view of their financial environment.

  • Accelerate the time from prospect to planning
  • Uncover opportunities to increase AUM
  • Produce a more personalized planning experience

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Rest assured that your data is protected using best-in-class security practices and a robust strategy that accounts for technology, people, and processes.

  • eMoney adheres to the highest information security standards because we know how critical data security is to your reputation, revenue, and regulatory requirements.
  • We maintain formal polices for network security, disaster recovery and business continuity which we test annually and adjust to address ever-changing industry and internet threats.
  • eMoney conducts security due diligence on all third parties to assess their risk level and we conduct annual reviews on those who have access to sensitive information.
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Onboarding and Training

Training and coaching from eMoney experts to help ensure every user can learn and master the eMoney platform.

Client Support

Get answers to all of your eMoney questions from our award-winning support team of eMoney experts, available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET.

Professional Services

Access to additional services when you need itanything from data entry to plan development to consultative services.

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