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Planning for Every Possibility

See why 100,000+ financial professionals choose eMoney.

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Our extensive financial planning solutions empower you and your clients to take action, see impact, and celebrate wins, together.

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Help your clients reach their goals

Allow your clients to actively partner with you on their planning. With eMoney, you can easily organize your clients’ data and map out the road to their goals, all while stress testing for risks. 


of advisors increased their engagement with end-clients through eMoney.
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Because you want to

Improve efficiency

Save time and money with one centralized product. Whether it’s generating reports, updating plans, or reviewing client assets—make quick adjustments, speed up data entry, and increase accuracy with eMoney’s financial planning software. 


of users reported improved business process and efficiency with eMoney.
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Build stronger client relationships

Deepen your relationships by better engaging clients through interactive financial planning tools that build confidence and lead to more productive discussions. 


of users reported improved client satisfaction with eMoney.
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Increase your level of service

Create visualizations of complex topics to answer ‘what-ifs’ and provide clients with a clearer view of the future.


of users saw an increase in the ability to attract new clients by offering an interactive, engaging experience.

Achieve your goals and theirs with eMoney

We’re here to help you build the plan your clients need, regardless of their financial situations.

2023 eMoney Summit – Beyond the Plan

Join us virtually from October 16-18 to learn how to enhance your value as a financial professional and provide the personalized experiences clients are seeking while unlocking your full potential as a trusted partner. 

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Product Capabilities

  • Monte Carlo Summary

    Monte Carlo Analysis

    Leverage the ability to plan for every possibility and eventuality.

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    Account Aggregation

  • Client Portal Onboarding Walkthrough

    Client Portal

  • Decision Center

    Decision Center

  • Advisor customizing their plan in the new Plan Summary tool

    Plan Summary

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A streamlined, goals-based financial planning solution for building more planning relationships and delivering more plans to more clients.

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The most comprehensive cash flow-based financial planning solution for addressing clients’ most complex planning needs.

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Goals-based and cash flow planning tools in a single platform that enables planning for all clients regardless of financial situations.

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Lean on our 20+ years of experience delivering planning-led solutions to financial institutions of all sizes and take your planning business to the next level.


See what’s possible with eMoney

Are you searching for a solution that enables the deep analysis and comprehensive planning functionality necessary to serve the complex needs of your current and future clients?

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*All statistics on this page are from eMoney, ROI of eMoney Study, September 2022, n=703.

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