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Drive success through a comprehensive,
collaborative wealth management platform.

eMoney is a comprehensive and scalable financial planning technology that empowers advisors to meet a broad range of planning needs for their clients. Built upon our planning-centric platform, our packages are constructed to align to the type of planning that advisors offer and deepen client engagement.


An intuitive, streamlined solution for advisors looking to build planning-led relationships and deliver more plans to more clients


The most comprehensive set of advanced planning capabilities available to accommodate complex financial needs


A fully integrated planning solution that enables planning for all clients regardless of financial situation

Build On What You Have

Unlock the power of premium services that add value to your eMoney platform.

Exceptional digital marketing content to reach new audiences, support your expertise, and explain the value of technology to clients.

Overlay smart compliance technology on top of your existing eMoney products.

Need More?

Experience the power of technology partnership with a custom solution developed specifically for Enterprises.