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Megan Murray
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Megan Murray

Chief Operating Officer LinkedIn logo Megan on LinkedIn
As COO, Megan is focused on creating long-term, scalable growth. She guides accounting, finance, enterprise operations, and facilities management, in addition to providing oversight of the legal team and financial planning group. She previously served as head of finance for eight years.

Prior to joining eMoney in 2015, Megan spent 14 years at Fidelity. She thrived in multiple financial roles across the organization with responsibilities that included rebuilding the financial architecture platform for both the workplace and retail organizations and enabling each to view multidimensional economic analytics.

Megan earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Villanova University and an MBA from Boston College.

What do you think is the most common misconception about financial planning?

That it is complicated and hard. In reality, people do it every day in a microscopic way when they are figuring out how much money to spend in a store.

What does financial peace of mind mean to you?

Knowledge is power. While it may not look great at the moment, having the knowledge and insight into your financial world is better than not knowing anything at all.

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