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Oscar Salazar
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Oscar Salazar

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As Head of Sales, Oscar leads advisor sales, enterprise sales, and sales operations across the organization to generate revenue and drive growth of new and existing client relationships. He works closely with marketing, finance, product, and affiliated teams to increase sales efficiencies and optimize performance.

Oscar joined eMoney in December of 2023 with more than two decades of experience leading high-performance revenue organizations in the enterprise software and information technology space. He has extensive experience inspiring teams to surpass expectations through his customer-centric approach. Prior to joining eMoney, Oscar held positions at ARCOS, Inc., IFS, CA Technologies, ClickSoftware (SalesForce), TIBCO, Dell, US Surgical, and General Electric Medical Systems, Inc.

He earned a bachelor’s degree from Boston University.

What was the best piece of advice about money that you were given at an early age?

While growing up in Venezuela, my grandmother used to tell me, “Arrópate hasta donde te alcanza la cobija,” which roughly translates to, “Always live within your means.” That advice about money has served me well over the years.

What does financial peace of mind mean to you?

It means feeling secure and confident in my financial situation with stability, controlled debt, sufficient savings and investments, and a clear plan for the future.

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