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Financial Planning

  • What types of planning capabilities does eMoney provide?

    Cash Flow Planning: Quickly review and analyze the details of your clients’ plans for their entire lifecycle, build comprehensive planning techniques, and show your client deliverables that range from interactive overviews to in-depth discussions on topics such as tax planning and estate planning.

    Goals-based Planning: Focus your client conversations on important life goals and compare detailed plans for achieving those goals.

    Foundational Planning provides a streamlined workflow that simplifies goal-funding conversations while Advanced Planning supports goal-focused discussions with cash flow simulations to support your advice. With eMoney, you can scale your planning conversations all from within a single platform.

  • How does eMoney handle income taxes?

    • eMoney offers the choice of a flat tax rate or the IRS 1040 calculation (Read More).
    • Flat Tax: Applies to earned income, investment income, and dividends. Capital gains events are still calculated using the capital gains rates.
    • IRS 1040 Calculation: eMoney’s default option, the 1040 calculation, is selected by the majority of users.

  • What solutions does eMoney offer for taxable investments?

    • eMoney provides a comprehensive and customizable menu of reports, pre-built report templates, and data gathering and client auditing deliverables.
    • eMoney users also have the ability to create numerous planning techniques in Advanced Planning.


  • Pricing

    Because eMoney is a scalable, customizable platform, pricing may vary based on the unique needs of your organization. To get an accurate estimate, talk to us about your financial planning requirements.

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    to start a free trial or call 1-888-362-4612 to learn more.

  • Payment Methods

    You can subscribe to eMoney by check or by using any of the following credit cards: VISA, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.


  • What other financial software providers does eMoney integrate with?

    eMoney works with a number of the industry’s most prominent software providers to deliver powerful integration options for financial advisors, including: Fidelity, Charles Schwab, Blackrock, Riskalyze, Redtail, Orion, Albridge, HiddenLevers, and more.

    Visit our Integrations page to review our complete list of integrations partners.

Data Entry

  • Does eMoney offer data entry services?

    The Data Entry team can provide eMoney users with administrative support in entering client data, scanning and uploading documents to the eMoney Vault, and setting up client homepages. Use this form to place your order.

Data Security

  • How does eMoney keep its data secure?

    Our commitment to safeguarding you and your clients’ information surpasses the responsibility of one team or department—it’s an ongoing, company-wide effort and part of our culture. Our hosting infrastructure includes high-level security protocols to protect sensitive online data. All advisor and client information is encrypted and stored in geographically dispersed and secure databases.

    We also offer data encryption, routine testing, and two-factor authentication. For more details, visit our Security page.


  • How does eMoney differ from other wealth management platforms?

    Unlike most financial planning solutions, eMoney offers a comprehensive wealth management platform that includes the full range of capabilities you need to build financial plans that help clients achieve their goals and peace of mind. Many other financial technology products focus on one aspect of your business and ignore the rest.

    eMoney provides comprehensive financial planning that addresses the varied needs of a wide range of clients, from those accumulating wealth to those planning their estates. You deserve a technology platform that supports your service at every stage of the advisor-client lifecycle. This is the philosophy that differentiates us from other wealth management companies.


eMoney Bot FAQs

  • What is the eMoney Bot?

    The eMoney Bot is a data aggregator that scrapes raw financial data that can later be used for financial planning and analysis. Each data item is tied to the end customer that has requested the data and is only given to users that the customer explicitly authorizes.

  • What is the User Agent for eMoney Bot?

    eMoney Bot identifies itself with the user agent string:
    eMoneyBot/1.0; +https://emoneyadvisor.com/DataAggregationNotice/

  • I have additional questions about eMoney. Who should I contact?

    If you have additional questions about eMoney Bot, you may contact aggregationsupport@emoneyadvisor.com

  • What are our IPs?

    IP Address Description Data Center Primary IP Tierpoint Backup IP Tierpoint Integration Environment eMoney Local Integration Environment eMoney Local Integration Environment eMoney Local