Planning with Purpose:What Fills Your Cup?

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Everyone has a unique “why”—their path, their purpose. It dictates how they choose to fill up the cup that is their life.

We surveyed financial professionals to find out…

what’s your “why” and how does it connect with that of your clients?

And then we asked clients why they seek the help of a financial professional.

And we discovered the overlap that provides an opportunity to build better client connections and find fulfillment within your profession.

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Consider financial wellness as a path to forging these deeper relationships.


And be open-minded to the concept.

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Because you may define financial wellness as this…

Financial wellness is having a plan that will work on getting you debt-free and financially independent.

Having strong cash flow, an emergency fund, and an investment mix you are comfortable with.

While your clients may define it as this…

Having enough money to take care of expenses and maintaining wealth so I don’t have to worry about money now or in my retirement years.

Not having debt and being positioned right for my age, having retirement savings and a good plan to reach my goals.

And they definitely want to talk to you about it.


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say clients are receptive to financial wellness discussions.


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say they are receptive to financial wellness discussions with their advisor.

In fact, clients say they would give more business to financial professionals who are willing and able to provide advice on non-financial topics.

Topics that help you understand your clients’ purpose and create deeper connections.

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But when your day is already full… how can you make space for these conversations?

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By using technology as a bridge to a better relationship.

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You may place the greatest value on tech as

a time saver


But your clients value how it offers a way to connect more authentically.

When technology creates room in your day, you can have time for important discussions on things related to financial wellness.

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Your peers who place importance specifically on financial wellness and use technology to support their practice reported higher levels of satisfaction, personal fulfillment, and purpose.

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Personal fulfillment


Because… when your clients feel fulfilled, so will you.

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Interested in learning how to fulfill the “WHY” for you and your clients?

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