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Case Study

Data Migration Services Help Migrate Platforms with Ease

Bridgeworth Wealth Management’s selection of eMoney reflects their desire to continue expanding their planning capabilities for clients.


Addressing the Need to Migrate Data Between Platforms
In order to standardize financial planning software usage across the firm, Jonathan Millican, Financial Advisor and Director of Planning for Bridgeworth Wealth Management, sought a solution to  migrate all their planning data from their existing source to eMoney.

bridgeworthfinancial team meeting

While planning software was an operational linchpin, they’d been delaying the project due to the size of the migration. “Once we started talking to eMoney, we quickly realized what we thought was unmanageable was actually quite manageable,” Millican said. “Then there was a lot of energy behind this project. Everyone was excited to make it work.”



Communication Is Key for a Large Migration
After discussing the scope and goals of the project with Millican, the data migration team at eMoney was able to successfully implement a plan to migrate all of Bridgeworth’s data with a high degree of accuracy. This included Vault files, client information, Facts, Plans, and Presentations.

Data migration stats:

bridgeworth business stats infographic

“Everyone I spoke with was very clear on what data would move and where,” Millican said. “The communication was great. I even got answers for the questions I didn’t know enough to ask.”
– Jonathan Millican, CFP®



Data Migration Experience Keeps the Project on Schedule

Millican and team appreciated eMoney’s experience in guiding them through this project. “I felt a lot more comfortable when it was clear the team had done this before and we were not blazing a new trail,” Millican said.

The project was completed slightly ahead of the agreed upon schedule, with Bridgeworth’s team ready to use eMoney with clients right away.

“When it’s a system like eMoney that’s so important, you want to make sure everybody speaks the same language. It was evident that everybody at eMoney did. They knew our concerns and how this could impact clients and that’s what made this project go exactly to schedule.” – Jonathan Millican

We’re incredibly happy with how this project turned out. eMoney took on a massive migration with only a little strategic direction from our team, which was a huge time savings for us. We could not ask for a better experience.”

Jonathan Millican

Jonathan Millican, CFP®

Financial Advisor and Director of Planning

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