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Case Study

Delivering and Scaling High-touch, Holistic Planning with eMoney

Range Financial Group uses eMoney to provide clients with a comprehensive view of their financial lives.


Upon founding Range Financial Group, Eric Dahm, Lead Advisor and Partner, was already an experienced eMoney user. Over the years he had used several different planning technologies but was drawn to the usability of eMoney, as well as its power to transform client meetings.

The more he explored the tool over the years, attending training webinars and seeking out best practices, the more he was able to offer his clients and expand into new areas of advice. With this deep platform knowledge, Dahm was able to launch Range Financial’s planning services at the highest level with a powerful value proposition: to be the only place you need to call for anything finance-related.

The firm’s holistic approach positions them to be in front of clients at all times—for financial decisions big and small—so they can truly serve as their clients’ financial guide.

The way eMoney was built helped me totally reimagine how client meetings could go. I realized I could have a client’s dashboard pulled up our entire meeting and walk them through their projections and run what-if scenarios in real time. Meetings became more dynamic, focused on the client’s whole picture. This was really the genesis of my shift to holistic planning.”

Eric Dahm headshot

Eric Dahm

Lead advisor and Partner


Range Financial uses their comprehensive view of a client’s financial picture to fuel a high-touch service model. They are proactive in their outreach because, with a suite of holistic services, there’s always a reason to be reaching out to clients.

“My partner is a CPA, so we’re able to provide really thoughtful, proactive tax strategies at the beginning of every year,” Dahm said. “But beyond tax season, every client has their own regular financial milestones they go through each calendar year. They have a regular benefits lifecycle and they have their major life events. When you know your clients really well, these milestones are predictable, and there’s always a reason to be in front of them.”

The firm’s high-touch service model brings them closer to clients. The more they talk, the more they learn about a client’s personal and financial life. As they maintain an up-to-date, comprehensive view of their finances in eMoney, they run what-if scenarios that spark intelligent outreach based on upcoming life events, which creates more productive conversations that engage people more deeply with their financial plan.

Advisor and client meeting

Over time, these relationships grow and Range Financial is able to offer a whole new level of value.

“It’s the heart of everything we do from a planning and client experience standpoint. We need eMoney to offer our holistic services. We’re future-proofing by doing what few other places can do for our clients.” – Eric Dahm



For Range Financial, the future is all about scaling the business while retaining the high-touch service model. This, they believe, will differentiate their business now and in the future. To maintain their exceptional levels of service, Range will focus on continuing to reserve their advisors’ time for their clients.

“As we bring on new advisors, we have the compliance, asset management, and planning technology pieces ready. They can plug-in and start working with their clients right away,” Dahm said. Onboarding advisors quickly and easily is an essential aspect of seamless organic growth. Hiring the right staff is just as important, ensuring advisors are spending their time on client-facing activities.

By building these efficiencies into their organization, Range Financial is laser-focused on preserving their high-touch service model as they grow, staying in front of clients with holistic advice as they navigate life’s complexities. eMoney plays a central role in this future vision of the firm.

“You’re going to need a holistic set of services to stand out in the future. At Range, we’re not going to be commoditized. We’re not going to be one of a hundred places where you can find money management. Our relationships set us apart. Our comprehensive, high-touch service model is different, and we’re only going to continue refining our process, becoming more efficient while we bring on more advisors and more clients.” – Eric Dahm


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