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eMoney Advisor Launches Season 3 of ‘That Makes Cents’ Podcast with Financial Wellness Theme

New season introduces financial literacy advocate Mac Gardner as host, adds video format

RADNOR, Pa. – June 21, 2021 – eMoney Advisor (eMoney), a leading provider of financial planning software and solutions, today launched the third season of its original podcast “That Makes Cents.” Building on the success of the two previous seasons, which covered personal finance, financial planning, the role technology plays in financial advice, and marketing for financial advisors, season three of “That Makes Cents” will focus on the importance of financial wellness and will be available in both audio and video format.

This season’s listeners and viewers will gain insights into what financial wellness is and how advisors can help Americans achieve it – a critical discussion topic following the COVID-19 pandemic. Conversations will cover the culture of money, financial literacy for children, financial therapy, financial planning as a workplace benefit, and financial peace of mind, among other topics.

The latest season will be hosted by Mac Gardner, a published author, financial literacy advocate and founder of FinLit Tech, a company focused on building the bridge between financial literacy and financial technology. Earlier this year, eMoney announced a consultative partnership with Gardner to help advance the company’s financial literacy and wellness efforts.

“I am incredibly excited to be working with eMoney to help aid their work in educating people about the importance of financial wellness, and the impact it can have on our daily lives. Season three of ‘That Makes Cents’ is packed with an exciting roster of great guests who will break down the concept of financial wellness as it relates to advisors and the expanding demographics of the clients they serve,” said Gardner.

Throughout season three, Gardner will be joined by various industry thought leaders and financial advisors who share personal stories and experiences that have shaped their career paths and inspired them to help others achieve financial wellness. The first episode, which is available now, features Gardner and guests Tina Hay, founder and CEO of Napkin Finance, and Jedidiah Collins, CFP®, author of “Your Money Vehicle” and CEO of Your Money Vehicle.

During the episode, they discuss:

  • Helpful tips and tools on how to achieve robust financial health
  • The connection between finances, stress, wellness and health​
  • Creative solutions for financial education and wellness​
  • Emergence of technology to help advisors and end-clients practice financial wellness

“eMoney has always been committed to financial wellness achieved through financial planning,” said Celeste Revelli, CFP® and director of financial planning at eMoney. “We’re thrilled to raise awareness about the various components that contribute to financial wellness and help advisors deliver planning through this lens.”

“That Makes Cents” is produced in partnership with Benzinga, and is available to stream and download on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube, among other platforms. New episodes will be released on a biweekly basis throughout the summer months. For more information and access to new episodes and previous seasons, visit:


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