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eMoney Advisor Reveals Product Roadmap During Ninth Annual Summit

  • New Head of Product Tom Sullivan shares vision for eMoney that is focused on delivering personalized advice at scale
  • Ricky Illigasch, director of product management, and Chad Porche, vice president of product innovation, detail progress made in the last 12 months and preview what is to come at eMoney

Radnor, Pa. – Oct. 18, 2022 – eMoney Advisor (eMoney), a leading provider of technology solutions and services that help people talk about money, announced new details of its product roadmap during day one of the 2022 eMoney Summit. Head of Product Tom Sullivan, who joined eMoney in June 2022, took the virtual stage for the first time to share the vision for the firm. He identified the four main value creators of eMoney that help advisors create efficiencies and scale their practices, including:

  • Financial Planning: The core of eMoney’s platform, planning is central to how advisors connect with their clients.
  • Aggregation: Aggregation supports planning efforts, providing a consolidated view of clients’ financial picture, and allows for more comprehensive conversations about money.
  • Financial Wellness: A focus on financial wellness enables deeper client relationships, broadens the scope of who advisors can serve, and provides greater levels of personalization.
  • Professional Services: A value-add that ensures advisors can maximize their usage of eMoney technology.

“Over time, I expect to further align these value creators and create an even better bridge between you and your customers. A bridge that can handle more volume in less time, and accommodate clients of all levels of sophistication, with a multitude of financial needs. A bridge where information flows both ways, enabling proactive recommendations and smart automation,” said Sullivan to a virtual audience of more than 1,100 attendees on Oct. 17.

Also taking to the virtual stage was Ricky Illigasch, director of product management, who detailed the progress eMoney has made in the last 12 months. The eMoney product roadmap continues to be directed toward shifting the center of the planning experience into the Decision Center, eMoney’s most widely used interactive cash flow-based planning experience. Key enhancements include:

  • More interactive reports provide advisors access to more detailed views into a client’s overall cash flow and the ability to drill down into both their income and expense flows.
  • Monte Carlo-based reporting views including Longevity Risk and Confidence Age reports better enable advisors to show clients how their plan might play out in a variety of market conditions, reinforce the resiliency of a plan, and expose opportunities or situations that might require further discussion.
  • Explore Mode enables the end-user to engage with their plan on their own on the Client Site Goals page. It allows advisors to gain more insight into their client’s financial priorities and initiate additional conversations about their goals.

Additional updates made this past year include:

  • Account Aggregation work continues to convert parsed, or screen-scraped accounts to more stable and secure API-based connections, achieving 80% of accounts from API or direct feeds. This has reduced service tickets and issues related to connections by roughly 35%. Additionally, investments in the connections dashboard have made it easier to identify and resolve connection errors. There has also been a continued effort to add more connection sources based on advisor feedback.
  • Collaborate: Launched earlier this year, eMoney assists with creating, designing, and modeling financial plans so that advisors can deliver the level of advice their clients need, without the burden of constructing the plans themselves.

“I am extremely excited about what the future has to offer for eMoney and our ability to help you continue to bridge the gap between you, your clients, and prospects,” concluded Sullivan.

In addition to mainstage speakers, attendees heard from keynote speakers Carla Harris, senior client advisor at Morgan Stanley, and Andrew Busch, former CMIO for the U.S. government and economic futurist.

The 2022 eMoney Summit is being held virtually through Oct. 19. and is sponsored by Fidelity Institutional, Allianz, Charles Schwab and Nationwide.

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