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10/16 - 10/18 • FPA Annual Conference
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10/27 - 10/30 • Advisor Group ConnectED
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are eMoney's clients?

eMoney’s suite of products has attracted a customer base of leading financial firms and enterprises from around the country, including the top broker-dealers, banks, insurance companies and financial institutions. eMoney also serves an extensive network of independent RIAs, individual financial advisors and planning professionals.

How do eMoney's solutions differ from other wealth management tools available?

Unlike most FinTech solutions, eMoney offers you a comprehensive wealth management platform that considers the full range of capabilities you need from technology in your business, while keeping planning at the core of advice. Many other financial technology products focus on one aspect of your business and ignore the rest. That forces you to partner with multiple tech providers who only offer pieces of what you need, and often, these products don’t work well together.

You deserve a technology platform that supports your service at every stage of the advisor-client lifecycle. That’s the philosophy we have at eMoney, and it’s what makes us different.

Does eMoney support my client relationships?

eMoney helps advisors remain at the center of their clients’ financial world. Our planning tools increase collaboration and interactivity with clients to keep them engaged in your service. And with the industry’s leading client portal, you give clients access to their very own personal financial management website, allowing you to view their complete financial picture (including outside or held-away assets) and positioning you as the primary advisor in their lives.

And with the information you need front and center, you’ll create efficiency in your day-to-day workflow, giving you more time to strengthen your client relationships.

What other technologies does eMoney integrate with?

At eMoney, we work with a number of the industry’s most prominent software providers to deliver powerful integration options for our financial advisors, including: Fidelity, Charles Schwab, Black Diamond, Morningstar, Orion, Redtail, Envestnet, Albridge, HiddenLevers, and more.


Visit our Integrations page to see our latest integrations partners.

How does eMoney keep its clients' data secure?

At eMoney, we go above and beyond normal data protection policies. Our commitment to safeguarding your and your clients’ information surpasses the responsibility of one team or department – it’s an ongoing, company-wide effort and part of our culture.

Our hosting infrastructure includes high-level security protocols to protect sensitive online data. All customer and third-party customer information is encrypted and stored in a geographically dispersed and secure databases.

For more details, visit our Security page.

How much does eMoney cost?

We offer a variety of product and pricing options for our software to meet the specific needs of independent advisors, firms, and large enterprises.

Visit our Products and Pricing page for more information.

Is the process of installing eMoney's system complicated?

Because eMoney Advisor uses an Application Service Provider (ASP) model there is no installation required. In fact, since eMoney applications are web-based, most subscribers have full access within a few days of signing a user agreement.

An additional benefit of the ASP model is that it doesn’t require an up-front investment, so you don’t have to worry about the cost of ownership, maintenance, implementation, security, back-ups or upgrades throughout the life of the product. With the ASP model, you and your clients will enjoy 24/7 access to the system from any location with Internet access.

How do I install eMoney's system across multiple offices across the U.S.?

eMoney offers attractive Firm and Enterprise options for companies that want to introduce the eMoney system across their organizations. Visit our eMoney for Enterprise page to learn more, or contact a sales representative at 888-362-4612 for more information.

How do I access eMoney once I become a subscriber?

Advisors, support staff, and office managers usually gain access to eMoney’s site via an assigned User ID and Password within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the user agreement and payment. For Firm or Enterprise access, processing time varies depending on the size of the organization and the number of individual subscriptions, as well as other client-specific requirements.

For more information, please contact our sales team at 888-362-4612.

Who assigns the User ID and Password?

An eMoney representative will assign you a User ID and a temporary password. All eMoney subscribers and their clients must change their temporary passwords the first time they attempt to log in.
The login screen will display simple instructions to submit a new password, enter their email address (if one has not been previously entered) and to choose answers to security questions. Security questions validate a person’s identity in the event of a forgotten password.

What support is offered to help me get up and running on the eMoney platform?

New eMoney subscribers work with a Success Coach to ensure that you, your team, or your firm get the most out of your platform. And our knowledgeable Client Support team is available Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 8:00pm EST to field questions. Give them a call at 888-362-8482.

A variety of in-person and web-based training resources can be found on our Training page. Lastly, eMoney’s in-app Knowledge Base and How-To’s walk you through the essentials of eMoney on-screen, offering you ongoing support how and when you need it.

Do you offer help entering data into eMoney?

eMoney’s Data Entry Service can assist you with case entries. Whether you need help entering one case or many, the Data Entry team can provide subscribers with administrative support in entering client data, scanning and uploading documents to the Vault and setting up client homepages.

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What payment methods do you accept?

You can subscribe to eMoney by check or by using any of the following credit cards: VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover.