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Data Aggregation Notice

eMoney Advisor provides technology solutions and services that help people talk about money. Rooted in comprehensive financial planning, eMoney’s solutions strengthen client relationships, streamline business operations, enhance business development and drive overall growth. More than 75,000 financial professionals across firms of all sizes use the eMoney platform to serve more than 5 million households throughout the U.S. For more information, please visit:

If you are viewing this page, then it is likely that you have received an HTTP request from our data aggregation servers. eMoney acquires data, as authorized through the direction and consent of the advisors and their end investors, from various sources including direct file feeds from custodians, OFX downloads, screen scraping, and third-party providers. We consolidate this data and provide wealth management services and financial planning advice to our mutual clients. eMoney has been providing account aggregation services to our clients since 2000. We currently serve millions of clients who actively use this data to manage their financial lives – from checking daily balances, to long-term strategic investing. This service is very valuable and necessary for these clients and their advisors. We would gladly entertain discussions with potential partners and institutions to explore opportunities to provide better services to our mutual customers, including direct feeds, cross-licensing or joint marketing.


  • eMoney will only make requests over HTTPS (SSL) with 128-bit encryption or higher.
  • eMoney servers are specifically coded to only retrieve data, and not to make any changes or transactions to the data on the site.
  • eMoney does not distribute data to any third-parties. Each data item is tied to the end customer that has requested the data and is only given to users that the customer explicitly authorizes.
  • eMoney’s integration platform is designed to minimize the load on source web servers by throttling the maximum number of requests per site and spreading out activity over large time windows.
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If you have any questions regarding our data aggregation services, technology, or security, feel free to contact us directly at the email address below.


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