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Insights and best practices for successful financial planning engagement

Practice Management

Whether it’s marketing, sales, compliance, office analytics, or any other part of the business, independent advisors and home offices alike have a lot to manage. Learning to seamlessly fit each of these pieces together can yield far higher efficiency, productivity, and scale.

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pricing financial planning services

How to Price Your Financial Planning Services

As the financial advisory industry shifts towards a planning-led business model, the popular AUM-based fee is becoming less applicable. While… Read More

How to Start the College Money Talk

For some clients, college tuition is the second biggest expense of their lives. And whenever an individual or family is… Read More

Bridging Generational Wealth with Smart Philanthropy

It’s not always easy to engage family members around the discussion of wealth, especially across multiple generations. This is due… Read More

big data for financial advisors

Six Ways Financial Professionals Can Leverage Big Data to Make a Big(ger) Impact

It’s no secret: Behind every decision, purchase, and marketing program is a powerful data stream, and many times, some form… Read More

Teaching the history of financial planning

An Abbreviated History of Financial Planning: Where We Go From Here

It feels like the pace of change in financial planning has only been accelerating over the last several years. The… Read More

How Will Enterprise RIAs Continue to Differentiate?

The registered investment advisor (RIA) channel has seen strong growth over the past decade. Financial professionals across the industry are… Read More

A Plan for Every Client

For financial professionals offering financial planning, there is a challenge to replicate a great client experience time and time again. Read More

A Partner Beyond Planning Technology

A lot of attention and evaluation goes into a financial planning solution deal. But once the contract’s ink is dry,… Read More

Adopting Planning Teams to Maximize Efficiency and Win

You may wonder, ‘When did financial planning become a team sport?’ Well, by definition a team sport includes any activity… Read More

The Value of Giving Financial Professionals Their Choice of Technology

Home offices work hard at creating a successful environment for their financial professionals. Everything from the culture you create to… Read More


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