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Proven Process for Building Holistic Financial Plans in eMoney—Webinar Follow Up

Chris Mauriello December 21, 2023

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I recently had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with Greg Furer CFP®,CRPC®, CEO and Founder of Beratung Advisors. In the webinar, Greg shares with viewers his proven process for developing holistic financial plans in eMoney.

Greg’s process over the last several years has resulted in 600+% AUM growth, as well as 176% planning revenue growth between 2021 and 2022, with revenue set to double once again in the near future. You can review his proven process in the on-demand webinar here.

Following the webinar, we fielded a number of great questions from the audience. We didn’t have time to address each one, so below you’ll find a response to some common themes we saw.

How Do You Get Clients to Embrace the Client Portal?

Research from eMoney shows that clients who frequently use their client portal see better outcomes in terms of motivation, loyalty, trust, overall satisfaction, and number of times they refer their advisor.1 Getting clients interested in their portal is an essential part of establishing a productive relationship.

When you position the portal to clients, be aware of the value proposition you’re communicating. The most desired feature in a client portal, according to our research, is the ability to see everything in one place. Be sure to communicate the way in which clients can do this, and how it will benefit them, as well as the fact that they will need to connect all of their accounts to get started.

Watch my demo video to see how you can get clients using their client portal.


What Estate Planning Capabilities Does eMoney Have for High Net-Worth Clients?

eMoney has numerous features to facilitate client’s estate plans. You can build any kind of entity structure or anything you need in eMoney—it’s practically an open architecture for putting together complex estate plans.

There are also many reports you can easily pull to see the results of your recommendations, and estate plan flow charts to help clients visualize the impact of your recommendations.

Watch the video below to get an overview of estate planning capabilities in eMoney.


How Can You Model Multiple Scenarios Without Overwhelming Clients?

Sadly, only 53 percent of investors say their advisor communicates recommendations in a way they can understand.1 It’s crucial to speak to clients in simple terms, mixing visual and verbal explanations, so they understand why it’s important to follow your recommendations.

A great way to communicate recommendations is to do interactive scenario modeling with clients during a meeting. However, if you’re doing too many scenarios at once, you may confuse clients. Get around this by creating scenarios ahead of time in the order you’d like to present them, then leverage technology to quickly and efficiently demonstrate multiple scenarios.

You can get an example of how this is easily done in the video below.


Can eMoney Show Both Present and Future Values?

eMoney can be a great tool to demonstrate to clients where they are today, and what actions they need to take to get to their preferred future.

Sometimes, clients can get lost in the numbers as you’re going through your recommendations, especially if you’re only looking at future values. It can be grounding to show them their present values, instead of future values, which also highlights the value of your recommendations.

See more in the video here.


Putting It All Together in a Holistic Financial Plan

There are many dimensions to a holistic financial plan. The questions above are important elements of a plan, but there’s much more that goes into it.

If you want to learn more about how to standardize holistic financial planning in your firm to grow AUM and revenue, watch the full on-demand webinar, Proven Processes for Holistic Financial Planning with eMoney.

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About the Author

Chris Mauriello, Financial Planning Practice Management Consultant, has been helping eMoney clients at every level for 6 years. Starting as a Customer Service Rep, Chris’s passion for helping advisors implement and use eMoney led him to become a Client Success Coach, then a member of the Live Training Team, and ultimately to his current position, where he helps firms scale their planning services to deliver more personal, impactful advice.

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