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A Guide to Upgrading Your Financial Advisor Tech Stack

Monica Ruelas March 21, 2024

financial advisor tech

A new study highlights a stark reality: Your financial advisor tech stack has the potential to make or break your firm. A massive 92 percent of advisors surveyed said they would switch firms over bad technology.1 Of those advisors, 44 percent said they’d already left a firm because of substandard tools, and 48 percent said they would consider it.1

What this means is that your advisors aren’t going to wait around for a slow, steady evolution of your tech stack as you work to catch up with changing client expectations. In an era when clients expect personalization and service that goes beyond a “once and done” financial plan, the time is now to pivot to more robust tools.

The Impact of Interactive Planning

One firm that has done exactly that is Blue Trust—we recently shared the details of their story here. Looking to modernize its tech stack and gain efficiencies through interactive financial planning software, the company gave its advisors access to robust solvers and what-if scenario modeling.

“Being able to model various assumptions on the spot in a meeting has really changed the game,” said Carolyn LaBella, a financial planning operations specialist at the firm. “We’ve even won clients because of this interactive experience.”

Our research into the value clients find in our platform echoes that sentiment. Our most recent study showed that 69 percent of advisors say interactive planning was a top reason for client satisfaction.2

Since 2015, Blue Trust has grown its assets under management by 154 percent and has expanded its footprint from its headquarters in Georgia.

Blue Trust case study

91 Percent of Firms Are Upgrading Tech

There are so many tech tools for advisors that it can be difficult to know where to begin in selecting ones that offer the most value for the money. Thankfully, the recent WealthStack Study sheds some light on firms’ top three reasons for investing in technology: efficiency, deepening client relationships, and upgrading the client experience.3 These are driving huge demand, with 91 percent of those surveyed planning to invest in new technology in the upcoming year.3

Let’s explore these three reasons in greater detail.

Reason #1: Reaching for Efficiency

Around 73 percent of those surveyed say the purpose of their tech spending is to boost efficiency and productivity firmwide.3 The thinking is that streamlining tasks frees advisors to focus on client-facing, revenue-producing activities to fuel growth.

Choosing a tech tool that easily integrates with the other parts of your advisor tech stack is one way to achieve your efficiency goals. Reducing the number of times facts must be entered manually can improve productivity, giving advisors more time to interact with clients.

Reason #2: Deepening Relationships

Increasingly, firms are looking to tech to help build strong connections with clients. About 57 percent of respondents want to invest in tools that deepen relationships and open the lines of communication with clients.3

This is where client-facing tools shine. Research shows that investors appreciate the convenience and time-saving aspects of a client portal equipped with aggregation, translating to higher client satisfaction scores.4

Reason#3: Upgrading the Client Experience

Finally, we’ve arrived at the third reason firms are investing in technology: keeping up with evolving client expectations. About 54 percent of respondents are seeking tech in this category, including secure texting, streamlined onboarding, and other tools that modernize the experience of interacting with an advisor.3

As it turns out, modernizing a tech stack can be a big differentiator. Nearly 93 percent of advisors who describe their tech as modern say they’ve won over clients from their competitors.1

Making Progress

A firm’s tech stack isn’t just a collection of tools. It’s the foundation for a thriving future.

Blue Trust’s success story shows the transformative potential of upgrading your advisor tech stack. See a detailed breakdown of how they leverage our platform in this case study.

With advisors willing to vote with their feet to get access to the tools they need, firms should consider auditing their platforms and evolving to deliver the personal, modern experience clients expect.



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About the Author

Monica Ruelas, Enterprise Sales Manager at eMoney, works closely with enterprise firms, helping them innovate their advisors’ business. Over the last decade at eMoney, Monica has held roles as an Inside Sales Manager and National Accounts Director. Over this time, she’s developed expertise assisting firms implementing wealth management software so their advisors can deliver more value to their clients.

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